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Acer Anywhere 1100LX US 110V Power Adapter


Acer Anywhere 1100LX US 110V Power Adapter

Item# Y124003348

Product Description

Compatibility: Acer Anywhere 1100LX

Product Type: US 110V Power Adapter

Product Info:

The replacement AC power adapter with power cord enables you to operate your notebook or charge the battery from electrical power outlets. If you are running your computer on AC power with a battery installed, the adapter charges the battery ( if needed ) and maintains its charge. When the system is off, the AC adapter will charge the battery and then maintain its charge.


  • Input: 100-240V AC, 1.5A, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 19V DC, 3.16A
  • 6 Months Warranty
  • Power Cord is included

Compatible With Part Number:

    Compaq 177624-001
    Compaq 177626-001
    Compaq 180675-001
    Compaq 180676-001
    Compaq 198713-001
    Compaq 198714-001
    Compaq 208190-001
    Compaq 222113-001
    Compaq 298237-001
    Compaq 298239-001
    Compaq CQPS1200
    Compaq LE-9702A+
    HP 0950-3634
    HP ADP-75FB
    HP F1454A
    HP F1781A
    HP F4814A
    NEC AC-C10
    LITE-ON PA-1600-01
    Toshiba PA3097U-1ACA

Compatible With Laptop Models:

    Acer AcerNote 367D
    Acer AcerNote 367T
    Acer AcerNote 390
    Acer AcerNote 390A
    Acer AcerNote 391
    Acer AcerNote 392
    Acer AcerNote 393
    Acer AcerNote 394
    Acer AcerNote 395
    Acer Anywhere 1100LX
    Acer Anywhere 1120LX
    Acer Extensa 365
    Acer Extensa 366D
    Acer Extensa 367D
    Acer Extensa 368D
    Acer Extensa 390
    Acer Extensa 390C
    Acer Extensa 390CX
    Acer Extensa 393
    Acer Extensa 900
    Acer Extensa ESS3-391T
    Acom FT6000A
    Acom Patriot 8000
    Acom Patriot 8800
    Act P-88T
    AEC Olympia LT386SX
    AIM Green 759
    Alcam D400
    Altima Maestro P79R
    Altima P88T
    AMS Tech Rodeo 1000CT
    AMS Tech Rodeo 1000CX
    AMS Tech Rodeo 1010CT
    AMS Tech Rodeo 1010CX
    AMS Tech Rodeo 1010CXNT
    AMS Tech Rodeo 7000
    AMS Tech Rodeo 7030ECX
    AMS Tech Rodeo 7620
    AMS Tech Rodeo 7630ECXDNT
    AMS Tech Rodeo 7640XL
    AMS Tech TravelPro 180
    AMS Tech TravelPro 1900
    APP 87
    APT Green 795
    Argonaut Scout
    Arm 1100
    Arm ArmNote N30W
    Arm Green 759
    Arm TS30i2
    Arm TS30W
    Arm TS759
    Arm TS795
    Aspen 6200D
    Atasi 1100
    Atasi 1200
    Atasi 900
    BSI 6200D
    Canon InnovaBook 300P
    Canon InnovaBook 350CD
    Canon InnovaBook 360CD
    Canon InnovaBook 475CDS
    Canon InnovaBook 475CDT
    Canon InnovaBook 480CDS
    Canon InnovaBook 480CDT
    Canon InnovaBook 490CDS
    Canon InnovaBook 490CDT
    Chaplet 1100
    Chaplet iLufa 800
    Chaplet iLufa 820
    Chem USA ChemBook 1100
    Chem USA ChemBook 6200D
    Chem USA ChemBook N30W
    Chicony 6200
    Clevo 86CE
    Clevo 98
    Clevo Model 862
    Clevo Multimedia Model 98
    Commax 6200D
    Commax NB8600
    Commodore Featron 6000
    Commodore P100
    Compal N30B2
    Compal N30W
    Compal N32NC
    Compal TS30H
    Compal TS30I
    Compal TS30I3
    Compal TS30T
    Compal TS30T3
    Compal TS30W
    CTX 893-T-FK
    CTX EZBook 330F
    CTX EZBook 390T
    CTX EZBook 400
    CTX EZBook 486
    CTX EZBook 500
    CTX EZBook 600
    CTX EZBook 650CDT
    CTX EZBook 660CDT
    CTX EZBook 700
    CTX EZBook 700E
    CTX EZBook 700G
    CTX EZBook 700M
    CTX EZBook 730CS
    CTX EZBook 750CDT
    CTX EZBook 750CS
    CTX EZBook 750MS
    CTX EZBook 750MT
    CTX EZBook 760MS
    CTX EZBook 760MS-XJ
    CTX EZBook 760MS-XK
    CTX EZBook 760MTXK
    CTX EZBook 764MS-XK
    CTX EZBook 764MT
    CTX EZBook 764MT-XK
    CTX EZBook 770MS-XJ
    CTX EZBook 770MT-XJ
    CTX EZBook 772 MS-MK
    CTX EZBook 772MT-MK
    CTX EZBook 774 MTFK
    CTX EZBook 774MS-MK
    CTX EZBook 774MT-MK
    CTX EZBook 777MS-MK
    CTX EZBook 777MT-FK
    CTX EZBook 777MT-MK
    CTX EZBook 800
    CTX EZBook 891
    CTX EZBook 891E
    CTX EZBook 893-T-FK
    CTX EZBook CD
    CTX FC2A300
    CTX FC2A300A
    CTX FC3A300
    CTX MegaPro 486
    CTX V92C266
    DEC HiNote VP 700
    DEC HiNote VP 715
    DEC HiNote VP 717
    DEC HiNote VP 725
    DEC HiNote VP 735
    DEC HiNote VP 745
    DEC HiNote VP 745CT
    DEC HiNote VP 765
    Delcomp Allistra 6200D
    Dell Inspiron 3000
    Dell Inspiron 3200
    Dell Inspiron 3500
    Dell Inspiron 3500 D233XT
    Dell Inspiron 3500 D266GT
    Dell Inspiron 3500 D300GT
    Dell Inspiron 7000
    Dell Inspiron 7000 D266GT
    Dell Inspiron 7000 D300LT
    Dell Inspiron 7000 series
    DigiBook 1100
    DigiBook Wizard
    DTK Multimedia Model 86
    DTK Top-5A
    Dual Technologies AIO-6200
    eMachines eSlate 400K
    eMachines eSlate 450K
    EPS P75
    EPS Pentium 120
    Epson ActionNote 800
    Epson ActionNote 866C
    Epson ActionNote 880C
    Epson ActionNote 880CX
    Epson ActionNote 890C
    Epson ActionNote 895C
    Epson ActionNote 895CX
    Epson ActionNote 910C
    Escom P100
    Eurocom 6100T
    Eurocom 7200-T4
    Everex 3500
    Everex ExpressNote 586
    Everex StepNote Plus
    Everex StepNote SR
    Evesham Micros Vale Voyager II
    Featron FT6000E
    FIC A420
    FIC A430
    FIC A440
    FIC A450
    Fosa 6200D
    Fujitsu LifeBook A4170
    Fujitsu LifeBook A4177
    Fujitsu LifeBook A4178
    Fujitsu LifeBook A4187
    Fujitsu LifeBook A4190
    Fujitsu Parts
    FutureTech 6200D
    Hitachi VisionBook
    Hitachi VisionBook +
    Hitachi VisionBook 133
    Hitachi VisionBook 4000
    Hitachi VisionBook 4140
    Hitachi VisionBook 4140X
    Hitachi VisionBook 4150
    Hitachi VisionBook 4150X
    Hitachi VisionBook 4350X
    Hitachi VisionBook 4360X
    Hitachi Visionbook Plus
    Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4000
    Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4140
    IDP 87
    IDP 910T
    Ilan Tech AC Adapters
    Imac Notebook
    Inca Legend 60
    Infotel SW-15-T700
    Intergraph 6200AT
    Inteva TS30H
    Inteva TS30T
    Iona 1100
    Jetta JetBook 9100
    Kapok 6100
    Kapok 6300
    Kapok 6400
    Kapok 7600
    Kapok 7800
    KDS Valiant 5000
    KDS Valiant 5340AS
    KDS Valiant 5347AS
    KDS Valiant 5350AS
    KDS Valiant 6370
    KDS Valiant 6370iPT
    KDS Valiant 6380iPTD
    KDS Valiant 6480iPTD
    KDS Valiant 6481CIPTD
    KDS Valiant 6530
    KDS Valiant 671DP
    KDS Valiant 671XH
    KDS Valient 6000
    Kiwi OpenNote 281 Lap-Note 98
    Lap-Note Z200
    Lap-Note Z300
    Leo DESIGNote 5200 GT
    Leo DESIGNote 5600
    LG Electronics Tiger One
    Lightspeed Technology 6200D
    Lion Electronics 8600T
    M Tech 30W
    Magitronic 550
    Magitronic 800
    Magitronic 820T
    Magitronic 862
    Magitronic Multimedia Model 86
    Magitronic Pentium 86
    Maximus Green 759
    Medion MD9326
    Micon 6200D
    Micro Express NP8500
    Micro Express NP92DX4
    Micro International Mint 6200
    Micro International Mint 6200D
    Micro Quest P79
    Micro Quest P88TE
    MicroFlex FlexNote
    Micron TransPort Trek2
    Micron TransPort Trek2 233
    Micron TransPort Trek2 266
    Micron TransPort Trek2 300 DVD
    MicroStar 6200D
    Midwest Micro TS30SI
    Midwest Micro TS30ST
    Mobile Computing Innovations @Book 1100
    Mobile Computing Innovations @Book 900
    MPC M700
    MPC TouchNote 700
    Multimedia Notebook 6200AT
    Multimedia Notebook 6600
    Multimedia Notebook 862
    Multimedia Notebook 98
    Multimedia Notebook Model 86
    NEC Ready 440T
    NEC Versa 2400
    NEC Versa 2400CD
    NEC Versa 2405
    NEC Versa 2405CD
    NEC Versa 2430
    NEC Versa 2430CD
    NEC Versa 2435C
    NEC Versa 2435CD
    NEC Versa 2500
    NEC Versa 2500CD
    NEC Versa 2505
    NEC Versa 2530
    NEC Versa 500
    NEC Versa 5000
    NEC Versa 5060
    NEC Versa 5060X
    NEC Versa 5080
    NEC Versa 5080X
    NEC Versa 550D
    NEC Versa SXI
    NEC VersaNote
    Nimantics 6200T
    Nimantics HS166M
    Nimantics Orion 10XL
    Nimantics Orion HS166M
    Nimantics P79
    Nimantics Pentium SL86
    Northgate NB86
    Nova MultiMedia NoteBook 86
    Nova NP8100
    Nova NP8320
    Novatech MultiMedia Portable Computer 98
    NTK Submarine
    Olivetti Echos 1200L
    Olivetti Echos 910
    Olivetti Echos P100
    Olivetti Echos P100C
    Olivetti Echos P100D
    Olivetti Echos P100E
    Olivetti Echos P12
    Olivetti Echos P120
    Olivetti Echos P120E
    Olivetti Echos P133C
    Olivetti Echos P133S
    Olivetti Echos P1400C
    Olivetti Echos P90
    Olivetti Echos Pro
    Olivetti Echos Pro 150X
    Olivetti Echos Pro P133
    Olivetti Xtreme
    Outbound 2000
    Outbound 2030
    Outbound 2030A
    Patriot 800
    Patriot 8000
    Patriot 860C
    Patriot 8890
    Patriot 9000 C86
    Patriot FT6000A
    Philips NB470
    Philips NB570
    Philips TravelMate 570
    Pico Consol 98
    Pionex N30W
    Pionex TS30i
    PrimeBook 900
    ProScan 862
    Prostar 7200
    Prostar 86
    Quanson 862
    Quanson 87
    Quanson 98
    Quantex 1511-I
    Quantex I-1410
    Quantex N30W
    Quantex T-1401
    Quantex T-1410
    Quantex T1411
    Quantex TS30H
    Quantex TS30H-1331
    Quantex TS30I
    Quantex TS30I3
    Quantex TS30T
    Quantex W-1400
    Quantex W-1500
    Quantex W-1500 700
    Quantex W-1511
    Quintek i1401
    Sager 6200
    Sager 6200D
    Sager 7200
    Sager 8549 D20
    Sager 86
    Sager 862
    Sager 87
    Sager 8700
    Sager 98
    Sager Model 87
    Sager Model 98
    Sager NB8600
    Sager NB8700
    Sager NP8100
    Sager NP8300
    Sager NP8320
    Sager NP8500
    Sager NP8550
    Sager NP8600
    Sager NP8620
    Sager NP8623
    Sager NP8680
    Sager NP8700
    Sager Pentium 86
    Sceptre N30W
    Sceptre NB30B2
    Sceptre S69002
    Sceptre S69502
    Sceptre SoundX S
    Sceptre SoundX S5200T
    Sceptre SoundX S5500T
    Sceptre TS30H
    Sceptre TS30W
    Sharp PC-3010
    Sharp PC-3020
    Sharp PC-3050
    Sharp PC-3060
    Sharp PC-3150
    Smart-Tec NX-6000
    Smart-Tec NX-6600
    Sotec Eagle X
    Tagram 822
    TI Extensa 350
    TI Extensa 365
    TI Extensa 366
    TI Extensa 367
    TI Extensa 390
    TI Extensa 390CX
    TI Extensa 391
    TI Extensa 392
    TI Extensa 393
    TI Extensa 394
    TI Extensa 395
    TI Extensa 550
    TI Extensa 550CD
    TI Extensa 550CDT
    TI Extensa 555
    TI Extensa 555CD
    TI Extensa 555CDT
    TI Extensa 560
    TI Extensa 560CD
    TI Extensa 560CDT
    TI Extensa 565
    TI Extensa 565CD
    TI Extensa 565CDT
    TI Extensa 570
    TI Extensa 570CD
    TI Extensa 570CDT
    TI Extensa 570CDTSE
    TI Extensa 575
    TI Extensa 575CD
    TI Extensa 575CDT
    TI Extensa 900
    TI Extensa 900 series
    TI Extensa 900CDT
    TI Extensa 900T
    Tiger Direct DESIGNote 5200
    Tiger Direct DESIGNote 5200 GT
    Tiger Direct GT
    Time 163NE14GB2 E500P AMD
    Time M700
    Time Traveller A430
    Tiny A440
    Tiny Model 440
    Toshiba DynaBook SS425
    Toshiba Satellite 1000
    Toshiba Satellite 1000-Z2
    Toshiba Satellite 1005
    Toshiba Satellite 1005-S157
    Toshiba Satellite 1100-S101
    Toshiba Satellite 1200-S121
    Toshiba Satellite 1200-S122
    Toshiba Satellite 1200-S252
    Toshiba Satellite 1605CDS
    Toshiba Satellite 1620CDS
    Toshiba Satellite 1625CDT
    Toshiba Satellite 1640CDT
    Toshiba Satellite 1670CDS
    Toshiba Satellite 1675CDS
    Toshiba Satellite 1690CDT
    Toshiba Satellite 1695CDT
    Toshiba Satellite 1715XCDS
    Toshiba Satellite 1730
    Toshiba Satellite 1730CDT
    Toshiba Satellite 1735XCDS
    Toshiba Satellite 1755
    Toshiba Satellite 1755CDT
    Toshiba Satellite 1755CE
    Toshiba Satellite 1755DVD
    Toshiba Satellite 3000-S304
    Toshiba Satellite 3000-S353
    Toshiba Satellite 3000-S514
    Toshiba Satellite 3005-S303
    Toshiba Satellite 3005-S304
    Toshiba Satellite 3005-S403
    Toshiba Satellite 3005-S504
    Tripp Lite s
    Trogon E.3
    Trogon Green 759
    Trogon Green 795
    Trogon T.22
    Trogon TG-795
    Tulip Motionline 5/90
    Twinhead P88
    Twinhead P88TE
    Twinhead SlimNote 910CV
    Twinhead SlimNote 9133TV
    Twinhead SlimNote 9133TZ
    Twinhead SlimNote 9150TZ
    Twinhead SlimNote 9166TZ
    Twinhead SlimNote VX
    Twinhead SlimNote VXE
    Twinhead SlimNote VXE3
    Twinhead SlimNote VXE500
    Ultra A440-T14
    Umax ActionBook 300C
    Umax ActionBook 530T
    Veridata Megapro 486D
    Wedge Technologies 6200D
    Winbook J1
    Winbook N
    Winbook X1
    Winbook X2
    Winbook X4
    Winbook XLi
    Winbook XP
    Winbook Z
    Winbook Si
    Winbook Si 566/32
    Winbook Si 566/64
    Winbook Si 650 TFT
    Winbook Si 700
    Winbook Si 700M
    Winbook Si 800 TFT
    Winbook Si 800/128
    Winbook Si 800CD
    Winbook Si 800M
    Winbook Si 850
    Winbook Si 850DVD
    Winbook Si2 850
    Winbook XL
    Winbook XL 300TFT
    Winbook XLI
    Winbook XP
    Winbook XP5
    Winbook Z1
    Winbook Z1 850
    Windrover N30W
    Zenith ZDS VersaNote

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